Posted by: Meghan | April 26, 2010

Lovely weather

Paris has been absolutely, wonderfully gorgeous these last few days.  Yesterday (Saturday), I walked so much- probably around 5 or 6 miles (this is how I manage to eat so many pastries and not weigh 250 lbs by now).  I started out the day by visiting two churches I hadn’t seen yet- Saint Sulpice, which is the biggest church in Paris, and Saint Germain des Près, which is the oldest.  After reading in the gorgeous Luxembourg gardens and walking around some more, I met Dana and Sara and we walked along the Canal St Martin, which is a very popular Parisian hang out spot.

I can’t believe that it’s April 25th- it almost doesn’t seem possible.  It’s so bittersweet- I am ready for home- my family, familiar food, English- but Paris is becoming more charming by the day, and I feel like I still haven’t experienced everything I could or should, even with as much as I’ve done.

Anyway, I took some video yesterday of street performers right in St Germain des Près (the church gives its name to the surrounding neighborhood), and because the wonderful street musicians make me so often feel like I really am in Paris, I thought you might like it.


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