Posted by: Meghan | March 20, 2010


So it has become something of a joke, especially between Dana and I, about how much I love the food here.  What can I say?  The food is, quite simply, the best I’ve ever tasted. The pasta in Italy- seriously the best I’ve ever eaten.  I’ve been taking pictures of some of the things I eat, and here are some of my pictures from spring break!

Saturday the 6th, the first day of spring break, was the day Lauren arrived.  One of the first things we did was go to the Eiffel Tower, and after, we went to this boulangerie nearby that Dana and I love (it’s also right near our school, which is why we know it.)  This place has the best pain au chocolat aux amandes, which is basically a pastry with chocolate and almond paste- and it’s heavenly.  This time though, I got hot chocolate- it was quite a cold day!  Anyway, this hot chocolate was no Angelina’s, but it was definitely delicious!

Saturday night we went to Creposuk, which was the creperie that we went to the first week with BU.  They have amazing galettes, which are basically buckwheat crepes stuffed with all kinds of delicious things!  Mine above had cheese, tuna and an egg on top- yum!

On Sunday, we went to dinner at this famous restaurant, Chartier.  It’s essentially famous for having delicious food at super low (for Paris) prices.  We didn’t get there until almost 9:00 and didn’t leave until a little after 11- we were the last ones in the restaurant!  Anyway, the above soup was amazing- garlicky, mildly salty, and only 1,80 euros (the French use commas and periods in the reverse way we do for numbers).

For dessert, Dana got blackberry sorbet- I had a bite, and it was delicious! Dana may not be able to eat ice cream (she’s allergic to milk) but with sorbet like this, it doesn’t seem so bad!

For dessert, both Jen and I got gateau aux delices- we didn’t know what it was, only that it had chocolate.  Gateau aux delices means, essentially, “delightful cake”- and it was truly delightful- moist and chocolaty and there was some sort of creamy sauce on the side.  It was a good dinner.

My first day in London, Sarah took Lauren and I to this wonderful vegetarian restaurant in Covent Garden, called Food for Thought.  There’s a main dish, a quiche, a salad and a dessert and you can get various combinations for around 7 pounds (which is quite cheap for London!) I got the main dish (which was gnocchi that day) and a salad.  It was delicious and nutritious- something I didn’t necessarily get a lot of the rest of spring break!

Our first day in Florence, we got gelato after lunch.  Both Dana and I had guidebooks, and both of them recommended this place as perhaps the best in the historic center.  I got tiramisu and chocolate, and it was absolutely delicious- creamy and rich and amazing.

Ravioli with butter and sage sauce at the place we went to dinner  in Florence.  Some of the best pasta I’ve ever had- it was fresh and had just enough butter and spices.

This was dessert that night in Florence- chocolate profiteroles (cream puffs).  A perfect finish to a perfect meal.

Now that I’ve made myself hungry, it’s time for me to go to a baking class with Dana and learn how to make croissants!


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