Posted by: Meghan | March 5, 2010

It’s warming up…

So, the last two weeks have been a little crazy, with final papers and exams, an oral presentation, my internship interview and preparations for spring break.  Thankfully though, after taking my final exams today, spring break is finally here!

The above photo was taken at the top of the towers of Notre Dame.  I walked up it last weekend when my friend Elizabeth was here from Copenhagen (she’s the one I’m going to visit over Easter).  Elizabeth was supposed to arrive last Thursday night, but then because of an air traffic control strike in Paris, she didn’t get here until Friday night. That actually ended up being kind of helpful, since I spent pretty much all of Friday evening to work on my political science paper.  Elizabeth, Dana, Jen, Arjona, Sara (Elizabeth’s friend who’s also here in Paris) and I spent most of Saturday showing Elizabeth Paris.  It was a really nice day- sunny and pretty warm.

We went to Angelina’s, a famous tea salon near the Louvre and all got hot chocolate to go.  I am not exaggerating when I say that this was probably the best hot  chocolate I’ve ever tasted.  It basically tasted like melted chocolate, only slightly less thick- heaven!

On Monday afternoon, I met up with Elizabeth after class, and we went on a boat ride on the Seine.  It was a lot of fun and interesting to see Paris from a different angle.  We lasted about a half hour outside on the top, but for the second half we went inside- it was too cold!

Tuesday morning, I went to the Paris catacombs with Elizabeth, Dana and Jen.  I had class at noon, so we met up at the catacombs at 10.

The catacombs seemed like they never ended.  It was honestly pretty creepy just walking through the tunnels, but once we got to all the bones, it was much more eery.  It’s kind of astonishing how many thousands of bones there are- and how neatly they’re stacked.  It’s kind of unsettling, and almost feels disrespectful to see them all there.

I know it’s dark- but you can’t use flash in the areas with the bones!

I had my second internship interview yesterday with Robin des Bois, which was one of the first French environmental organizations.  It’s a really small office, with only 5 people- I only met 2 of them yesterday, but they were both very nice. I think they had pretty much decided they would take me before I even got there, and so I’m starting next Monday, the 15th! I’ll mostly be doing research, some translations, writing some articles, that sort of thing.

But before I start that, I have spring break!  My friend Lauren is getting in from Boston tomorrow morning, and so I’m staying here with her in Paris until Tuesday morning.  On Tuesday morning we’re heading to London, where we’ll stay for 2 days. Then on Thursday I’m heading to Florence! I’m so excited- but at the same time, I really cannot believe that it’s spring break already.  Next Sunday, I will have been here for 9 weeks, which is half the total time I’ll be in Europe (including the week I’m traveling at the end).  Part of me feels like I’ve been here forever, but when I really think about it, it feels like I got here last week.

I had dinner with my host family last night, and my host father told me he thinks my French has gotten better! I could tell I was understanding French, both written and oral, better, and I knew it was easier for me to write, but it’s much harder for me to tell how my speaking is.  So it’s really nice to have someone be able to hear me doing better!

I’m going to go clean out some papers from this semester I don’t need anymore and get ready for spring break.  Until next time!



  1. Meghan,

    Congratulations on getting the internship!
    Have a great Spring Break week.

    Love you

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